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Our Education Partnership

Snowslippers can arrange for educational talks from local tourist offices and hoteliers detailing how their lives are dependent on tourism and how they balance this with the effects of tourism on their local environment. We have a range of schools and colleges that combine their ski trip with aspects of the courses they run back in the UK. Those courses that consist of sport sciences and travel and tourism particularly benefit from these syllabuses offered.

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The course that we have developed with the local tourist office consists of the following;

Tourism and the local economy

The Austrian Alps are some of the most pristine natural environments in the world. These wilderness areas provide enjoyment for a great many young British school children, as well as local people. The local economies of these small mountain communities are often dependent on winter sports activities, of which your school ski trip is a major contributor.

Evolution of ski resorts

One of Austria’s unique appeals to teachers choosing where to hold their school ski trip is that there are no purpose-built ski resorts; rather each village has been carefully and sensitively developed over time, some in fact over more than 100 years, for the benefit and enjoyment of local communities as well as to attract winter tourism.

Tourism and its effect on native plants and animals

Why not choose a destination for your school ski trip where plants and animals are as valued as people? 47% of Austria's surface area is covered by forested land. Cable car organisations, company directors and relevant organisations, together with the general public, act very carefully to preserve the environment. Cable cars and ski slopes are, for example, not allowed to disturb local plants and animals and any developments have to adhere to strict planning regulations.

Sustainable tourism

Only 0.3% of Austria's soil is used to enhance the ski slopes. These pastures are nurtured during the summer and have created additional land for agricultural purposes, so that any possible erosion during the winter months is counter-balanced. Ski slopes are only given permission by authorities to open if there is sufficient snow coverage.

You would be amazed at how the ski slopes are transformed into lush green pastures in the summer. Snowslippers not only organises school ski trips, we also operate specialised summer trips to this wonderful part of the Alps.

The balance between environmental protection and local economy

In tandem with the reduced amount of snow falling on mountains all over the world the use of snow machines has steadily increased. 95% of the Ski Amade region is covered by snowmaking machines; this will ensure that there is plenty of the ‘white stuff’ for your school ski trip. The region has gone one step further and has developed fresh water lakes in the mountains; these lakes provide a continuous supply of water for the ski season. The mountain lakes have reduced the need to use unnecessary amounts of energy to pump large amounts of water the slopes. It also has added benefits of reducing the need to source water from streams and rivers. The local fish, birds and amphibians are quite happy with the new lakes as well!

Like other resorts, snowmaking machines have become a common sight. To reduce the impact of this the Austrian’s however, have decide, unlike many other countries to ban the use of chemicals and bacteria in their artificial snow.

Experiencing other cultures

Not only will your students benefit from the obvious personal developments of learning a new skill but the ski trip will also immerse them in a traditional culture very different to their own way of life.

If you are interested in running a school ski trip in combination with an educational, residential course why not contact us by completing the contact us section.

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