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Ski holidays for schools, universities and adult groups

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Top tips

Over the years, we have seen schools adopt various practices and procedures which we believe make their ski holiday less stressful, more disciplined and, ultimately, improve the safety of those individuals on the trip.

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Laminated cards

Give your pupils laminated cards that contain all the essential information they need. Make sure it contains the mobile numbers of the teachers in the group, the mobile number of Snowslippers, the name, address and telephone number of the hotel the group is staying in.

Walkie talkies

Walkie talkies are great for keeping in touch on the mountain and are a lot cheaper than mobile phones. Ensure that you choose a walkie talkie with a significant range as in mountainous areas the signal can be patchy. It is also worth choosing one with a vibrate function so it can be felt whilst you are skiing.

Check lists

Make a list on a piece of paper, which is placed at the front of the coach so people can see it upon boarding in the morning, with the following: lunch money, lift pass, sun cream, gloves etc. This acts as an effective reminder.

Practice beforehand

How about a few dry ski slope lessons beforehand? Pupils then have increased confidence when skiing on snow for the first time and this means less time spent on the beginners' slopes.

Keeping track

In order to keep account of those in your party, give every student a number at the beginning of the trip. Each time a head count takes place, get the students to shout out their number from 1 upwards. If a number is not shouted out, the two numbers either side will know which student is missing (they will probably be in the shops!).

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"The kids have had a wonderful time. Many are already asking us about booking for next year's school ski trip!"

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